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  Author    A Cinematic End  (currently 224 views)
Posted: April 15th, 2019, 11:22am Report to Moderator

So, what are you writing?

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A Cinematic End by Vladimir Jovanovski - Horror, Dark Comedy - A man retreats to his secluded cabin to commit suicide, his plans are delayed when movie characters start showing up. 111 pages - pdf format

For production consideration - No comments required

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Posted: April 15th, 2019, 11:34am Report to Moderator

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Hey, guys and gals. This one is mine.

First off, thanks to Don for posting.

This was written a few years back and itís actually the first script I ever wrote. I wrote it with a small budget in mind so I could increase the chances of it getting made. THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG POST WITH A LOT OF MATERIALS POSTED. STORYBOARDS, POSTERS, CONCEPT ART, AND SO ON.  I have chosen imgur as my method of presentation.

My goals with this script were:
- to get it made on a sub 100K budget.
- get it in genre festivals around the world.
- get a VOD distribution deal.
- have this project lead everyone involved to bigger and better things.

It was conceived as a gateway project of sort. As my accumulated movie knowledge and instincts told me that this type of movie gave the best chance of achieving the things noted above.

Backstory on where these materials originated from.

I met up with some people with real finances two years ago, who were interested in producing a short I wrote. I pitched them this feature instead. At first, they agreed on a potential feature project that would cost 70-80K. During the following two and a half months we met sporadically to discuss the project. At this time, I began compiling the materials presented below to make them feel comfortable with me and so theyíd have confidence in my ability. They had their own director, who was also present at the meetings, so, I wasnít going to direct the thing. However, I wanted to show them that I understood what it took to get the movie made, I understood the market and had a clear vision about the project. In hopes that this will push the project forward. This proved futile, as after two and a half months they wanted to go back to the original short and expand that into a feature. They told me that they didnít want to be involved in something that had violence and was downbeat. They wanted a more positive, uplifting project. So, I bailed.

I was looking to make this a project on the scale of some of these movies:
The Signal (2007) -
A Dark Song (2017) -
Cheap Thrills (2014) -
The Battery (2012) -
Resolution (2012) -
The Man From Earth (2007) -
Coherence (2013) -

I guess the most similar movie (which is not that similar) I would compare it to (in tone) is The Last Supper -

This is a talking head script, that contains violence and about 90% of it takes place in one room. Itís a genre mash-up. I would say the most accurate genre would be Dark Comedy. It could also be classified as a Contained Thriller or a Drama. Itís a takeoff on a cabin in the woods horror movie.

My goal was, if ever made, for the movie to get into festivals such as: Telluride, Stiges, Fantastic Fest,  Screamfest, BIFFF, Bucheon IFFF, Frightfest and so on. From there, secure a distribution deal due to potential festival acclaim. If that didnít work. Second option was to target a list of distributors I had compiled. If that didnít work, then self-distribution and marketing.

These are not the full materials; they are some examples. They were quickly made to impress laymen.

First, the visual stuff.

I sketched 12-13 concepts for posters. I made about 7. My goal was one a day. These were qucik mock-ups just to illustrate possible ideas on what a possible, future, actual poster might look like. All these were low-res and just show to people for fun.
Here are five examples, the first one contains an alternative title:

I created 25 concept art paintings. Here are eight examples:

By far the most time consuming and laborious part of my undertaking. It took me a month to draw 200 pages with 1200 thumbnail drawings. I drew six pages per day. The WHOLE script was boarded. Here are 12 pages:

The storyboards were drawn for a location I had scouted. So, they were drawn in a way that the actual blocking would work with the location we could get. They were not really serious storyboards, more something that looked impressive to show to people.

Then, I created a 98-page BUSINESS PLAN, which took like 8-9 days to write. I explained the economics, the market, the movie, the plan going forward, the equipment needed, the logistics, the justification on why we should make it and so on. I will not post it here, but I will post five blurred pages so people can get an idea of what it might look like:

NOW, the following was part of a large document which contained a lot of stuff.

To start off, weíll go with the more visual stuff:
Character Design:
Character Wardrobe Inspiration:
The car in the script is an important detail, here are some possible variations that fit the bill of what was needed:

Potential Color Palettes for the film:
Example of the Visual Tone weíre going for:

Summary of the filmís plot and premise:

I found a useable location. I went on a location scout and took like 60-70 photos of the house, which Iím not going to share. This location was not ideal and I didnít really like it. But, it was close, cheap and doable. So, I presented it. While I wonít show the actual location, I created a 3D MODEL OF THE INTERIOR, ALONG WITH A BLUEPRINT:

Using a set was out of the question, due to time and money constraints. As this was discussed and thrown away as a possibility.

I also include a DESIRABLE LOCATION. Of what a potential set should look like, if there was a change of mind. An example from the movie TRUTH OR DARE (2012) as something that was more adequate to our needs. Photos of that set, here:

NOW, onto the more logistic parts of the project.
SHOTLIST. I shotlisted the entire movie. This was never intended to be the real shotlist, again, something I threw together to look impressive. It came to 75 excel pages. SHOTLIST EXAMPLES:

SCRIPT SHOTLISTED. I also went through the script with the shots for reference:

SCHEDULE. I created a 14-day shooting schedule. Again, this was not intended to be a real shooting schedule, more-so something to present and something we could build-off of. Here is what was penned in for DAY 2:

ALONG WITH THE SCHEDULE, I added visual reference for everything. Here are a few examples.
*all the photos for all the effects and stunts are included in the actual document and not here.
VFX and Practical Effects:
Stunts and Specific Actions:
Locations (all of them):
Props (all the props used):

Then I color-coded the script with these things:

I also created a BUDGET for the script, which Iím not going to share. I researched local hotel prices, meal prices, gas prices, rent-a-car prices and other logistical aspects. Calculated mileages from locations to a home-base location, etc. Then I queried for post-production costs, equipment rentals, I researched deliverables and all other possible pitfalls.

I also created lists of distributors that were to be targeted, alongside with bios for each, which contained how many movies they put out per year, the type of distribution that they took part in, way we could get in touch, key people, etc.

Like with most things, people are not interested in facts and numbers. They make decisions on instincts and emotions. So, the people involved didnít care for any of these things. They wanted, what they wanted. And, since itís their money on the line, thatís their right. You canít hate on that.

I donít care for notes on this script as I do not intend to go back and rewrite it. It was written in a burst of a week. And, I immediately went to other stuff. I do not believe in lingering on things. Most of the time, that just eats up your time.

I thought I post this stuff here. Maybe someone will take an interest. They'll do me no good sitting on my hard-drive

If anyone is interested in the script in any way, shoot me an email. My email is on the front page of the script.


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Demento  -  April 15th, 2019, 11:54am
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