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Posted by: Don, April 15th, 2018, 5:43pm
Rick and Morty - Wanted Rickward by Javier Torregrosa - Series, Comedy, Sci Fi - Rick becomes a wanted man getting chased whilst he's trying to close a deal, Summer zombifies her school.  When Rick returns he reluctantly saves the day. 23 pages - pdf, format

Rick and Morty - The Whole Nine Hours by Javier Torregrosa - Series - Rick steals other gadgets from other Ricks and has mysteriously lost his spacecar.  And then goes on an adventure to find it.  Jerry tries to rekindle old memories by taking Beth back to where they first had their initial date. 26 pages - pdf format

Rick and Morty - Planet Rickihilation by Javier Torregrosa - Series - Morty stumbles upon a wanted poster for Rick who has annihilated an entire planet. Rick can't remember what happened. Rick goes on an adventure with Morty to discover what happened. 29 pages - pdf format

Rick and Morty - R Is For Rickdetta by Javier Torregrosa - Series - Rick bumps into another Rick at the Council of Ricks that sets off a turn of events that escalates and gets out of control.  Leaving Rick with no option but to kill the other Rick. 31 pages - pdf format

Rick and Morty - Under Surveillance by Javier Torregrosa - Series - Rick beats up Morty to save him, then discovers the Galactic Federation are after him again.  Meanwhile Jerry is forced to work thanks to Rick. 28 pages - pdf format

Rick and Morty - What Have You Learnt Morty? by Javier Torregrosa - Series - Morty struggles to study for his exam, Rick decides to help Morty to learn by showing him first hand.  Meanwhile Jerry starts a new job that doesn't turn out as expected. 35 pages - pdf format

Rick and Morty - Element Rick by Javier Torregrosa - Series - Rick creates a new element for the Taig alien race but doesn't honor the deal.  They take revenge by capturing Jerry, who later reveals his inner thoughts, changing Morty forever. 31 pages - pdf format

Rick and Morty - Science Versus Magic by Javier Torregrosa - Series - Jerry finally finds a job he's actually good at, but this upsets Beth because of his assistants, and annoys Rick who uses science to prove magic isn't what it seems to be. 31 pages - pdf format

Rick and Morty - The Rick Hangover by Javier Torregrosa - Series - Rick, Morty, and Summer lose Jerry who has gone on his stag party before he renews his wedding vows to Beth. - pdf format

Writer interested in feedback on this work

Posted by: AustinT, April 19th, 2018, 9:47pm; Reply: 1
Hey there, Javier!

I friggin' LOVE Rick and Morty and I took a look at a few pages of your script.

I think you captured the voices of the characters very well. So far I'm enjoying the story.

There is a technical error that's a simple fix. Its on page one.

You have the slugline:


And then you go straight to a character line and dialogue.

Basic rule, always have an action break between sluglines and dialogue. Again, this is an easy fix, just put a character description of the BARMAN first.


Anyways, I'm going to keep reading it later on but so far, good job!
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