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Posted by: henb, January 8th, 2019, 2:12pm
Based on a screenplay my writing partner and I were planning on writing. Thinking about adding the rest of our script ideas to conclude this song/poem.

Evil In a New World
by Hank Biro & Kai Biro

There lived a man who dreamt of peace.
Free of poverty, disease, and sleaze.
He convinced others to hear his plea,
and many wanted to join in feeling the outside breeze.

The man met a woman, they fell in love,
and in time they had a son they held nothing above.
They tried to teach what being kind is about.
Though, their son had thoughts he was scared to let out.

One day the son told his dad he is different.
That instead of praying for the sun, the moon his life did run.
Violence, darkness, and the end of days were his fascination.

His father hit his face, said sorry, then told him his beliefs are a degradation.
That absolutely no good would come of them.
The son convinced others to leave the commune,
In search of people they could torment,
and bring upon fear on a whim, nobody wins.

This world we live in can be tough,
you must remember to be strong, brave, and give enough.
Sometimes, you try your best,
still the good times don't last very long.
You must remember to try and help yourself, help others, and do no wrong.
It is important to be aware, and always care.
Posted by: Mr.Ripley, January 9th, 2019, 1:32pm; Reply: 1
Its rare we get poetry here lol.

You must remember- I think can be simply remember
The moon his life did run - the moon is is his life?

Other than that, cool. Fingers snap.

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