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  Author    The Last Day of Comics  (currently 97 views)
Posted: March 24th, 2024, 7:25am Report to Moderator

So, what are you writing?

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The Last Day of Comics by Scott Sawitz - Dramedy, Comedy, Comic Book - After being informed their final day of work is today, a wannabe comic artist and a film school dropout will have to figure out their next step, and their respective relationships, in one final shift. 90 pages  - pdf format

Production: Mostly one location, small cast

Writer interested in feedback on this work

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Posted: March 27th, 2024, 1:46am Report to Moderator

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Enjoyed this.  Impressive: interesting characters, dialog, plot, vividly written.

Q:  would the comics Colton got from Lenora's son be worth a fair amount of money?  

I liked how the shutdown of the store intersects with/launches Colton and Jade's next steps in life. They are pushed out of that comfort zone, but freed up for new opportunities.  Fortune seems to smile on them in certain ways (acceptance to art school, receipt of Leonora's comics collection, severance $ from boss) and to either frown or smile on them, depending upon how you look at it, in terms of their partner relationships. Liked the parallel of how they're on the rocks with Erika and Fred but how, like the closing of the store, those endings could potentially free them up for greater liberation/opportunity.  Same with the two deaths and certain positives that flowed from them.  Liked the title and the framework- a story about endings but how they can deliver us up for new beginnings.  

Was curious about Colton's screenwriting help - ghost wriitng? - for film school buddies and would have loved more on that.  Lacking confidence to do it himself?  Good guy with high standards who just wants to contribute his talent toward a good result?  Will losing the comic book job (and selling Lenora's collection (?))  free him up to pour his talent into his own work and to go to LA and stay on his buddy's couch?

Really liked that the handsome villain in Jade's comic book story resembles Fred.

Not sure why Terry deserved such an ignominious end - guess it gave Colton and Jade the opportunity to do the decent thing (erase porn history and fudge details of death to make it easier on his wife). Was the implication that that was part of why he kept the store open as long as he did, against his wife's wishes:  to escape her and have a private porn life at the office? And so he naturally just checked out that way on the last day rather than face having to be home with her?

Anyway, lots of great subtleties, things to ponder.

Very engaging script - kudos!

EarthLife:  Most Basic Training
- Feature,  Drama/Thought-provoking
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