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  SS closes out 2018 and looks forward to 2019 January 1st, 2019, 8:47am
Author: Don
Hi Folks,

Just a quick round up of 2018 and a thank you.  This year I made an attempt to quantify what the SimplyScripts community (that is YOU, Dear Reader) is doing for members of the script writing community (Also, YOU, Dear Reader).

There were:

  • 51 scripts optioned,
  • 24 scripts sold,
  • 42 scripts produced,  
  • 1 applicant sponsored to The Writer's Lab,
  • 10 donations made to various film projects,

There were about 12,000 scripts on the site at the beginning of the year and I've managed to purge a couple thousand to make sure the writers are still contactable.  

The grand redesign plans did not go through, but I continue to slowly plug away.

The discussion board continues to be indebted to Bert, Pia, and Sean without whom the infrastructure would not exist.

The discussion board continues to be indebted to ALL of the mentors on the site too numerous to name.  I pick David Lambertson to represent all the mentors.  

Thank you to all the content contributors as represented by Anthony Cawood who have given us the heads up on writing opportunities.

Thank you to reviewers, like LC, whose reviews have helped writer's get noticed, optioned, sold and produced!

Thank you to John Staat and Mark Renshaw who represent "think outside the box" with the introduction to Hyper Epics and comics come from scripts, too.

There are literally too many people to name for their contributions to the community.  Together we help each other writer good stuff.

Good luck with your work and here's to a successful 2019.

- Don
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