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  Why has SimplyScripts been a mess recently? September 15th, 2019, 2:21pm
Author: Don
It's August and blame "Mia".  

Some of you know that my son is an award winning, independent game developer. He just released his first commercial video game, Miracle Mia and a few months ago he asked me to help with finalizing the game dialogue and putting together a press kit and managing his social media.  It has been a fun, weird, and eye opening experience.

Miracle Mia is a story driven, anime, action platformer video game with a tennis-based combat system. You can play it with keyboard or game controller.

For those of you familiar with Steam, the video game digital distribution platform, Miracle Mia is available on Steam for PC.

For those who don't want to bother with additional downloads and signups, one can buy the game or download the demo on GameJolt, a hosting service for video games.  It's also available on, another site that hosts indie video games and doesn't require an additional download.

(Note: In the last two instances (GameJolt and, we are still waiting on our digital certificate, so you get a scary Red Screen of Warning.  Trust me, it isn't malwar Click here to read more ...
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