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  Author    The Usual Suspects 2 Bear Trap  (currently 2933 views)
Posted: March 21st, 2012, 5:09pm Report to Moderator

So, what are you writing?

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The Usual Suspects 2 Bear Trap by Alan Watson - Thriller - The greatest trick the Devil ever pulledÖ 118 pages - pdf, format

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You will miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
- Wayne Gretzky

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Don  -  April 25th, 2012, 2:08pm
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Posted: March 21st, 2012, 6:46pm Report to Moderator
Old Timer

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Wow.  Pretty bold undertaking you're attempting here.

To be honest, though, right off the bat, the title sounds a little bit like a comedy.  Reminded me of Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season.

I'm scared, but I'll take a look.  :-)

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Posted: March 24th, 2012, 12:14pm Report to Moderator
Old Timer

Perth, Australia
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Hey Blink,

I loved the Usual Suspects so you could image I was intrigued to take a look at your script here. Itís an ambitious attempt to write a sequel to such a popular well made movie.

The title is not great like Mark mentioned and also the logline could do with a lot of

I checked out the first page and found it...well Iíll wait to see if youíre around before saying but there was a lot metres(U.K spelling) involved. Also a quick mention for the ISIS luxury super yacht. You did mean I.S.I.S from the television show ďArcherĒ right?

If youíre around Iíll be happy to elaborate but if not then best of luck with it.

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Posted: April 4th, 2012, 12:11pm Report to Moderator

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Thanks for checking out my screenplay - could someone please tell me how to find it on SS - I can't seem to find it anywhere. I didn't realize anyone was reading it here.
If anyone wants the latest revision 10.3 please email me.
Sorry about the "meters" - spelling should be in US format but just can't get my head around "yards" anymore.
Experimented with lots of loglines - in the end just went with the Devil - if anyones got any good suggestions they would be welcome.
Also - sorry to hear you're not thrilled by my title - again, any suggestions would be welcome (Bear Trap refers to "Bear Market") (ISIS is Greek goddess)
If you're reading anything less than revision 10.1 please email me for the latest (10.3)
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Posted: April 4th, 2012, 1:35pm Report to Moderator

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Global insider trading, nuclear weapons, exploding airliners, fighter jets, tanks, London evacuated, pirates, Russians, al Qaeda, the IRA, illegal technology, 3000 tonnes of gold, exocet missiles, a two hundred billion $ plus bear market, - and Keyser Soze - no - it's not a comedy!

And if you thought Keyser Soze was Verbal Kint, Dean Keaton, or even Kobayashi - you just weren't watching the original closely enough!
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Posted: May 16th, 2012, 4:18am Report to Moderator

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I like movies that make me think - and that's what I attempted with "The Usual Suspects 2"

Some people "don't get it" - that's alright, I didn't get movies like Memento and The Prestige the first time I watched them either.

For anyone who is interested - here is the "container" story for TUS 2.

Firstly - there has been considerable debate over the years whether "Verbal", or in fact "Keaton" was Keyser Soze.

You have to remember that much of what Verbal communicated in the original was fantasy, made up from the intelligence board, and that Keaton was the master of faking his (and others?) death. I also note that the supposed premise in the original was to kill a witness, but in the end, a witness still remained alive - so maybe there was more to it - maybe it was an even bigger set-up? That's the angle I've worked from - there was more to it... all was not as it seemed... and the premise of my story is... all is not as it seems...

Also - you have to remember - it's now about twenty years later - what would our mysterious villain, Keyser Soze be doing now, in this decade? What ever it would be, it would be a lot bigger.


Now my thinking was - what would blow everybody away - what could compete with the original in terms of reveal, twists etc. I tried to come up with a great ending, but with several big twists at the end.

So the premise I started from was that neither Kint nor Keaton was the "real" Keyser Soze - and that someone else was really behind Keyser Soze.... the whole story still hadn't been told...

Keyser Soze was a kind of Godfather, and I looked at the American Mafia, and what had happened to it in the 80's and 90's, how all the Godfathers like Gotti had fallen, and I thought - wouldn't it be cool if you could run a crime family with a figurehead who didn't really exist, but your "family" could drop in and out of character (the witness had seen "Keyser Soze", but only "Verbal" in character as Keyser Soze') as necesary to totally fox the authorities and your enemies, and what if the brains behind the whole thing ( the actual Godfather) was a woman - a woman who was always in the background in the original - when Kobayashi was kidnapped in particular (it was too convenient), - and what if that woman was not really dead, because Keaton had faked her death too, or, the one I prefer, that she was impersonating an already dead lawyer. Sure, I may be taking some liberties, but don't most movies do that anyway?

My premise is that Kint, Keaton, Kobayashi, and Finneran, were all in it together, and Finneran is the brains, the real Godfather behind the crime family - the "Keyser Soze" crime family, and that they all survived the original ( Keaton got away (possibly with the drugs - Hey! Did you really believe it was all for a witness (a witness worth $91 mil that's still alive at the end?) - they lost $91 million - they didn't want to lose the drugs as well), Kint got caught )

And what if that crime family had infiltrated MI5, and helped design an incredibly powerful illegal technology, that could be used, secretly, in parallel, to run a massive global insider trading operation.

And what if the Russian FSB had uncovered this illegal spying technology, and facilitated the Russian Mafia to muscle their way into Keyser Soze's insider trading operation, with a view to eventually taking control.

And what if Keyser Soze' came up with a super genius plan to thwart the Russians, developing software that would eventually uncover the insider trading, and convincing the Russians that the game is nearly up, and they have to take one last shot, using dead and useless nuclear weapons, and terrorist groups as pawns - to creat a massive Bear market and make hundreds of billions.

But Keyser Soze' has an even bigger, more breathtaking plan to crush the Russians, and steal hundreds of billions while the world is holding it's breath for nuclear explosions.

And just in case you're thinking it!

This is what one blogger had to say in his review:

"When the terrorists (who are just a pawn in this game) begin to blow stuff up, the stock market will crash, and the price for commodityís will go through the roof. The mastermind will make HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars.

I am not a financial guy, but the structure of this premise is very solid from my laymanís perspective.

If you want to read a real life version of how this DOES happen (without the terrorism angle, of course) check out Blowing Up, by Malcolm Gladwell. The post script behind this story (not included in the online version) is that this investment strategy netted its inventor a billion dollars when the markets crashed in 2008.

So, yeah, I think the premise is pretty brilliant. It works as a faux terrorist/ real heist storyĖ kind of like Die Hard 3.
... matching turbo charged V8 engines..."
"The timer which we see going through the whole movie and we ASSUME is counting down to a bomb blast, isnít. Itís counting down to the ECONOMIC bomb blast. I found that to be an exceptional twist."

Blink / Wizard again:
There is only one non-linear scene, although the above reviewer just didn't get it and marked me down severely for confusing him - The scene relates to the Germans finding a nuclear device in Frankfurt - off course they would notify the British at SO15 immediately they were tipped off - 30 minutes or so before they would actually physically arrive on the scene... as I said, I like movies you have to think about, and it's not rocket science...

And the "quote" at the beginning - it isn't really a quote - it's a sort of "clue" - there are three "clues" in the script - a sort of Easter Egg - just a bit of fun for the eagle eyed. It's to do with a certain art collection...
... And Mr Walker... "The Ghost Who Walks" - "The Phantom"
The latest revision 12.0 is available from
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