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Posted by: UTRProductions, June 26th, 2014, 1:44pm
We're actively seeking series scripts:

Length: 30 Minute Episodes (20-30 pages)
Type: Ongoing Series
Genre: Drama/Action/Adventure/Mystery/SciFi (no outer space scifi)

We are NOT seeking the following genre's: Zombie, Vampire, Outerspace/Alien SciFi, Comicbook, Slasher-Horror

Concepts that are set in (or could be easily adapted for) a tropical jungle/island location are preferred.

We were in development of a project that was to be a proof-of-concept vehicle for a major cable network. The script development process broke down, and now we're currently seeking a strong script to produce and develop. Currently the project is non-union, so prefer non-guild writers (though guild membership isn't a dealbreaker).

While we're seeking shoot-ready (or nearly) scripts, at this stage we'd prefer to receive loglines and synopsis ONLY.

Please reply here or email us at:

A little about us: We're a small production company based in Hawaii. We're owned by a large film production studio. Our current production pipeline is a skunkworks project, so more about us will come privately.

Thanks very much!
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