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Posted by: EBurke73, March 8th, 2009, 6:58pm
This comes from my brother.  It is a call for plays, but considering the subject matter, a screenplay could be adapted.  These people are real.  I've sat through one of their shows, besides, they say there's no money up front:

Award winning company, Endtimes Productions, is currently seeking submisions for our upcoming "American Guignol" series.  We are looking for a variety of styles, in the horror/suspense genre, from short conceptual pieces (1-5 minutes in length), to medium length narratives (no longer than 20 minutes).  Material that is bloody, macabre, twisted, and that could get you arrested in some states, is basically what we're looking for, although if you have something more subdued, fell free to pass it along-it may form the basis of our future legal defense.  The work should also be imaginitive, and innovative-we're not just looking for SFX, but also an elegence, and originality, in the conception.  Because we'll be workshopping for three months, we're open to work that's rough, as long as the central conceit is strong.  Performances will be held in New York City.  There is no pay.  Please submit electronically
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