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Posted by: michel, May 29th, 2009, 9:33am
Sorry. I forgot to post that one.

We are looking for completed feature-length zombie scripts as writing samples for a possible writer-for-hire opportunity from writers who have optioned scripts. We are open to all genres, be it horror, action, thriller or comedy, i.e. stories ranging from �Shaun of the Dead� to �Dead Alive� to �28 Days Later.� If your cover letter, pitch and resume grab us, we�ll request the first few pages or a completed script as a writing sample for further consideration. In the resume space provided, please list the titles you have optioned in the past.

Budget has yet to be determined. As this is a spec hire opportunity, only non-WGA writers should submit.

Our credits include "A Talent for Trouble" (2008, Hassan Johnson, Brandon T. Jackson, Mekhi Phifer) and �D.O.P.E� (Rick Gonzalez).

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