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  Author    Phantasm: Endgame  (currently 1671 views)
Posted: July 25th, 2009, 7:48pm Report to Moderator

So, what are you writing?

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Phantasm: Endgame by Rob Watson (rickmasteres) - Horror - The story picks up where Phantasm IV leaves off, and provides answers and closure for the series.  89 pages - pdf, format

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Posted: February 19th, 2013, 5:23pm Report to Moderator

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I hope I donít get scolded for resurrecting a script (a fan-fic, no less) by a person who probably hasnít given this place a second thought in a long time.  However, I also felt since I read it I might as well write some comments.  Firstly, let me explain why I gave it a look.  I was in the mood for horror last night.  Just some good old-fashioned blood, guts, T&A.  I think I got as far as page 5 on this forum - was about to call it quits when I couldnít find anything of any interest - and then I saw ďPhantasm:  Endgame.Ē  Being a fan of the Phantasm series, I thought:  Hey. . . let me check this out.  It might be just another crappy fan-fic, but who knows?

I was extremely surprised.  I havenít seen Phantasm:  Oblivion since 1998, so I donít really remember how the series left off.  I was expecting this to be a terrible effort like most fan-fics are but itís properly formatted, very visual at points, and has some great dialogue -- even if it feels like itís there for exposition only.  Reggie is captured perfectly, IMO, and just oozes badass.  I liked it.  A major plus that Endgame has going for it:  proper formatting.  So many times I open up a Halloween or Friday the 13th fan-fic, really wanting to read a new chapter in the saga of Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, and I am totally turned off by the first page and how it looks.  Never mind the fact that most fan-fics are absolutely absurd with cringe-worthy dialogue and idiotic characters.  

I can count the number of fan-fics that I have read on one hand.  They werenít all exactly ďproperĒ but they were damn near close enough, and all great reads.  Robís script is definitely a breath of fresh air in the fan-fiction department and I am happy to say I was pleased (and very entertained) with Endgame.  Great descriptions, proper formatting, funny dialogue - itís a smooth read.  Not top of the line best of the best, but hey, this proper formatting goes a long way for it.  Sorry I resurrected an oldie, but I felt obliged to comment because I did take time to read it.  Maybe some writers of fan-fiction will see this and get a clue.
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Posted: February 19th, 2013, 11:20pm Report to Moderator
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Yeah, the scribe's fanscript was posted in 2009, and some soul digs deep in the bin, a fan script which had zero previous comments. What are the odds?

Oddly enough, the last Phantasm film did end the series. And it did answer questions....I think...

But was just the wind.

Big Red Flag

"Reggie Bannister" is a character. While the character's name is Reggie in the films..., Reggie's last name is never mentioned in the films. Reggie Banister is the actor that played the role.

Then the writer tends to alternate narrative of 'Reg and Reggie'.
You'd have to know the series to know who these people are.

SHELBY is a new character; the writer sometimes calls her Shell.  

and the script name beside the page number...?
lots of babble and talking heads


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DarrenJamesSeeley  -  February 20th, 2013, 12:08am
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