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Posted: August 27th, 2010, 3:04pm Report to Moderator

Christ, I can't find it.
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CONFESSIONS - Two men have a personal discussion. Drama, 10 Pages.

LAST CALL - A drunken bar patron discovers a bartender's favorite song. Horror, 5 Pages.

I GUESS THE EARTH SHATTERED - A man goes through a normal work day. Drama, 9 Pages.

"Why don't we just...wait here for a little while...see what happens?"


2 versions of my short script: "Writer's Block"? Why not.

Version 1:

Version 2:

My lame webpage:

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tailbest  -  January 28th, 2011, 8:40pm
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Posted: October 7th, 2010, 8:09pm Report to Moderator

Thank you to all my readers everywhere.

Posts Per Day

"The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat" - Lily Tomlin

My Scripts -
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Posted: October 11th, 2010, 11:08am Report to Moderator
January Project Group

Posts Per Day
Currently on Simply Scripts:

The Cherry Vine -- action / crime
The mob wants him dead. The Feds want him alive. They both have to wait in line.

Creatures Of HABIT -- Cult/Sci-Fi/fantasy
  It's a plan to rid the city of overrun crime and decay in Boston 2070: extermination. But the common taxpayers are also targets, so it's up to The Enforcers to face the monster menace!

Boss - Sci-Fi
A new species of crocodile has an edge over everyone, even man. Crafty, abnormally fast and intellegent, its venomous bite is the least of your it's loose,

Rancorium- horror
Infected with a zombie virus, a group of people have found a way to reverse the effects. To locate the permanent cure means that they will have to go through an army of paranoid survivors who will shoot them on sight. If they die, we all do

Crimson Scarab - Horror
A missing mummy provides the final piece of the puzzle over a robbery homicide at a local museum. But the truth turns deadly to those that discover it, and in three different points of view, worse than death.

Evil In The Eye - Thriller
A tornado traps three people in a damaged building of which there is no escape.  The killer wakes up first.

Gorson Cove : Reign Of Fear - Horror / Short
In 1929, a federal prohibition agent tracks down three gangsters to a small coastal town, only to discover that the trio are more dangerous dead than alive.

Step On A Crack Short, Horror
The mystery behind six mirrors which reflect murder and despair when they face each other in an old decaying house is revealed.

The Servant Horror, short
Hired to watch over her in the day while she sleeps. Stays up at night while she brings home dinner. Hunts those who want to put a stake through her heart. It's his job, and he's a professional Servant to a vampire
Expanded to feature length- First Look Option (2011) ; Optioned 2012 and...doing the limbo rock.

19 Percent Comedy/Short
Spoiled food and a wild night of drinking result in two unlikely buddies to save Thanksgiving from going real foul.

Dragons Of Ash Short/Fantasy
From within the walls of a keep, a group of knights and a sorcerer must rescue a princess from a nasty set of creatures who hide in smoke.

Ruby and the Lamp   short/dark comedy
A cleaning lady discovers a suitcase filled with diamonds and a genie lamp; she gets three wishes but isn't careful what she wishes for.

Spring Comfort Horror / Short
An overworked ad executive cannot sleep in his hotel room, due to a demonically possessed mattress

The Mystery Of Mister Y Short/ Thriller
In the early 70's, a young newlywed couple have a night of passion in a hotel room, only to be woken up by a deranged intruder who calls himself Mister Y

The Clean Up Crew short / horror / dark comedy
In an unoccupied room, three present day hotel employees have to follow a strict set of rules and a ticking clock as they clean up a tub filled with blood, under the supervision of a phantom detective who died in the 1940's

Pumpkinseeds Short, Horror-fantasy, OWC
A wheelchair bound man and his best friend are kidnapped by the witch Baba Yaga. They all go for a little death ride in her newly acquired walking house. Note: this is the original short script. The exapanded full length sp is not on this site.

Mallory's Friend Short, Horror, gothic romance
Advice from her pet caterpillar on how to win a boy's heart proves invaluable to a delusional teen.

Forced Donation Thriller/short
Even the urban legend of stolen kidneys has to start from somewhere. Filmed. IMDB listing

Way I Like It
Despite hanging out at the same nightclub for months and for different reasons, two mismatched people finally notice each other.

Breaking Eggs Short/Thriller
About to be released from a psych ward, a young woman finds that someone doesn't want her to leave so soon.

The Flesh Won't Be Missed -Feb OWC
A witch and her psychotic boyfriend plan a robbery with the use of a very special candle.

Wild Ginger's Wine - Feb OWC
For their annual party in the forest, three women break in a new but reluctant member into the inner circle by drinking the blood of her boyfriend.

Something Is Out There
Three people are trapped inside a chapel as a terrible creature hides somewhere out in the cemetery outside.

No One Lives Forever
An underappreciated U.S. Marshal picks up a fugitive, unaware that the criminal's henchmen are not far behind.  (June 2011 OWC)

One/Zero/One [room] Two men, one room, a window divider in front of them. One of them thinks there's someone watching on the other side. Sept. OWC

Undying Love Triangle
When two vampires have an affair, a murder plot unfolds. But the over-the-hill wife isn't that easy to kill.

Oct OWC 2011

The Planted
Two people wake up to find themselves food for bizarre man-eating plants that dominate an alien greenhouse of horrors.
Series of short scripts. Sci-Fi/horror

Icarus Rising . Story/concept by Wayne Clark Series of short scripts/ serial sci-fi intended for webseries by Wayne Clark. Dead? That's alright. I'll do one or two more and then I'm done. .

Red Devil, Blue Sea
While exploring a sunken ship, three people discover that their mini-sub could share a similar fate.

The Current
Communicating through electronic devices, a vengeful ghost will kill a group of teens if they don't bury a body that they found in the woods.

The Other Side Of The Fence Feb '12 OWC

Isidoro Oct '12 OWC
A documentary crew and a couple find shelter in a laundry room of an abandoned motel during a hurricane. But is a werewolf after them? Or is it something else?

Obsessed with solving a series of murders inspired by Jack The Ripper, an agent travels back in time for research purposes at the risk of her own sanity

A smuggler kidnaps a newlywed to assist him in recovering his loot, which is guarded by a rogue shark.

The Withered
A woman severs the hands of her stalker. Locked up, he boasts he will finish the job. But how?

This Ain't Vegas

After a Halloween party, an axe-wielding sociopath in a goat mask stalks a young woman. When she fights back, she finds he's not exactly human.

The Find
On an uncharted planet, a communication breakdown between an alien civilization and a team of astronauts goes horribly wrong.
Optioned for animated short 2013. ArtInstPheo.

Feb 2015 OWC. Based on Urban legend 'Carmen Winstead" (Writing as 'Allen McQuerin III')
Jealous over a new girl's popularity, a group of students harass her unaware of the repercussions over the prank that spirals out of control

Platinum Phantom #1
A criminal mastermind opens a dimensional portal which swaps school children with mannequins. It's up to the kid left behind and a superhero to solve the case and save the day.

Company Stress Test
There's something wrong with the stairs, so four employees take the new elevator. There's something wrong with that, too (May 2015 OWC)

Tillinghaust 1944
Five lost soldiers curious about an abandoned tank, investigate the surrounding desolate, remote village which does not exist on any map

THUNADARR THE BARBARIAN (fan script re-imagiened OWC)
In a post apocalypse wasteland ruled with mysticism and recycled technology, three heroes will stand up against the tyranny of a malevolent wizard as they escort two refugees out of the ruins of Manhattan

"I know you want to work for Mo Fuzz. And Mo Fuzz wants you to. But first, I'm going to need to you do something for me... on spec." - Mo Fuzz, Tapeheads, 1988
my scripts on ss :
The Art!

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DarrenJamesSeeley  -  August 8th, 2019, 4:20pm
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Posted: October 11th, 2010, 2:49pm Report to Moderator
Old Timer


Over there.
Posts Per Day
Latest scripts...

The Deuce - OWC

The Sandwich - 7 page drama set on a building site in England in the 90s - poster here

Blood Group - 99 page dark comedy drama - poster here.

Spiral - OWC

Take Care - Part I - Sosea

To Be - 9 page thriller

Liberties - 84 page thriller w.i.p.

Jowls - 12 page OWC Comedy

Constant Escapement - OWC

A Bill To Pay  - OWC

Tomorrow - OWC

Tomorrow II: Dusklight - OWC


Out Of Character - updated

New Used Car


Right Back

The Deuce - OWC - now on STS

Other scripts here

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rendevous  -  June 7th, 2015, 3:28am
Site Private Message Reply: 48 - 74
Mr. Blonde
Posted: February 13th, 2011, 5:53pm Report to Moderator

What good are choices if they're all bad?

Nowhere special.
Posts Per Day
4.0-Psych. Thriller: A chronic underachiever must decide if he's willing to kill his roommate, and best friend, in order to receive a perfect Grade Point Average.

12 SECONDS-Psych. Thriller: Before a person dies, their life flashes in front of their eyes. But, what happens in the twelve seconds between when their body dies and when their brain dies?

24/7-Romantic Comedy/Crime Drama: What started as a simple robbery became something else entirely.

35-Drama: After committing an atrocious act, David must deal with the situation he created. (Click the bottom one. Sorry.)

ANDRETTA-Action/Adventure: Upon arriving in the crime-ridden metropolis of Andretta, a revenge-driven vigilante puts himself in the middle of a four-sided gang war on the day the government declares their city a no man's land.

A FLIP SIDE TO THAT COIN-Drama: Two men discuss their favorite weapons, but is something more sinister going on?

CHERRY BOMB-Drama: When a lonely barfly has a one-night stand with a rich man, her life seems to be on the way up... until she becomes the prime suspect in his murder.

CHRISTMAS STORY-Drama: A botched Christmas Eve liquor store robbery leads down a destructive path for a cop trying to reconcile with his estranged mother, an alcoholic mall Santa, a mentally unhinged man, his vindictive fiancé and her secret lover.

FIVE TILL CLOSE-Suspense: It's a phone call no parent wants to hear. Especially a second time.

HIGH TIME-Horror: Three people, while avoiding a virus transmitted by animals, hide out in one of their childhood houses.

HOME MOVIES-Drama: On his 18th birthday, a lonely teenager opens presents he has given to himself.

...IN SHEEPSKIN-Drama: A police officer tries to get a confession out of a murder suspect.

KNOWN BUT TO GOD-Drama: A group of Marines, on their way to a secret holding facility, encounter problems with their captive, a high-value Iranian terrorist.

LEGAL PRECEDENT-Drama: The father of a teenager who's been arrested for murder, makes a plea to the District Attorney who's trying him.

REFLECTION-Suspense: He remembers nothing but unlucky for him, he’ll discover everything.

SKIPTRACE-Drama: When a bounty hunter takes shelter in a motel with a bail jumper, he finds out that maybe the bounty hunter was the one being sought.

TAIBHSE-Horror, Suspense: Three teenage troublemakers with a mission to burn down an abandoned house get into trouble they couldn't imagine.

THE REALIST-Drama: A man has a different view of the world, which he shares with a newsstand vendor.

THREE TO ONE-Drama: The world's number one new sport has a new competitor.

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Mr. Blonde  -  July 22nd, 2015, 5:55pm
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Posted: February 13th, 2011, 6:20pm Report to Moderator
Guest User

The Therapist by Michael Cornetto - Short, Sci-Fi, Fantasy - A violent criminal becomes a therapist for The Collective and tries to break his toughest patient before she breaks him. - pdf, format  
After Image  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Thriller - Every one of his photographs focuses on the subject of his guilt. There is only one way he can appease it. 6 pages - pdf, format  
Lady Of The Night  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Horror - A Victorian prostitute encounters a runaway rich girl in the back streets of Manchester, where a strange monster is on the prowl.  Can they both escape being dinner for the Manchester Monster? 6 pages - pdf, format  

A Very Manly Boo-Day  by Michael Cornetto (mcornetto) - Short, Horror - Sometimes the things that frighten us can hold valuable but painful lessons, it all depends on how far you are able to stretch yourself in order to accommodate them.  - pdf, format  
Cooking with Kyle  by Michael Cornetto (cornetto) - Short, Comedy - An elite dinner party threatens to expose a television chef's shameful secret, his inability to cook. - pdf, format  

Soulshadows II: Grave Messages  by Michael Cornetto (Tanis by Robert Newcomer) - Series, Supernatural - A young man is determined to prove that the messages he is receiving on his cell phone are not coming from his dead friend. - pdf, format  

Rachel's Song  by Michael Cornetto (cornetto) (Where'd you come up with That)  Short, Romantic Dramedy w/ music - A weekend camping trip turns into a nightmare for one man when his girlfriend is abducted.  Can he save her from her captor?  And most importantly, does she want to be saved? - pdf, format  

Why So Serious  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Micro-Budget Drama - A young boy attempts to express his grief over his mother's recent death by talking to the posters on his wall. - pdf, format  

Baby Blue  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Drama, Musical - A rock musician strives to reach the light as darkness threatens to engulf him. - pdf, format  

Husbands in Space  by Michael Cornetto - Series, Sci-Fi, Soap Opera - When her own laws force her to retire to an Oldage park an influential politician, Martha Avers, vows to use all of her skills to survive.  Martha’s daughter, Cassiopeia’s sanity comes into question when she learns of a shocking secret that her husband has been keeping.  And Martha’s son, Circinus, is mysteriously awakened during a deep-space flight.  - pdf, format  
Valentines Day: Grateful Dead  by Michael Cornetto - Short - The adventures of one gentleman, Justin Crocker, on a fine Valentine's day whilst he watches an outdoor concert performed by the famous rock band, The Grateful Dead. 8 pages - pdf, format  
A Doll's Life  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Drama - A family's dysfunction shown through the eyes of a doll. 5 pages  - pdf, format  

Yttrium  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Drama - A Bergmanesque story about Love. 5 pages - doc, format  
The Fairy that wouldn't Fly  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Animation, Children - Rumpletuz just wouldn't fly and when his mother asked him why he left the town with girl in tow. What did he find? You'd like to know.  WARNING:  This script is extremely sweet.  Please do not even breathe in the fumes if you can't handle sugar.  6 pages - pdf, format  
Billy's Boogie Ball  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Comedy, Animation - Billy has lost his prized possession, a collection of boogies.  Will he ever be able to lead a normal life again? 6 pages - pdf, format  
The Mysterious Monsters of Middlesex County  by Michael Cornetto - Short -  Three teenage boys find more than a shortcut in the woods. 6 pages - pdf, format  

Bark  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Young Adult, Horror - Two kids stumble upon witch's evil plot for revenge. But can they convince anyone else in town to stay away from the trees?  - pdf, format  
Sex-Rays  by Michael Cornetto (mcornetto) - Short, Sci Fi, Satire - When an old hippie happens upon a way to bring about world peace, those in power do what they can to stop him. 6 pages - pdf, format  
Mangia  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Comedy - Giorgio has a lot of childhood shit built up inside and it's causing him to overeat.  Worse, yet, he's constipated.  The two can be a very dangerous combination. 6 pages - pdf, format  
The Honeymoon Is Over  by Michael Cornetto - Short - For five years, on the anniversary of his wife's death, in order to pay his respects Arthur has visited room 323, the room in which she died.  This year Arthur tells her that he's met someone else and he's ready to move on.  But his dead wife isn't going to take this news lying down. 9 pages - pdf, format  
Hijira  by Michael Cornetto - Short - An Indian boy runs away from home and finds his destiny as a Hijra. - pdf, format  

I Love You, Elvira Gulch  by Michael Cornetto - (Amur Cork-tree) - Short, Drama - A thug dresses in drag to retrieve a package from the post office but the post office clerk wants to give him much more than he bargined for. - pdf, format  
Soulshadows - The Rice Children  by Michael Cornetto - Series, Short - An ancient tale that asks the timeless question, is it better to be fed, or dead? 26 pages - pdf, format  

Becoming  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Gothic - A law student becomes more than a trespasser when he sneaks into his employers parlour. - pdf, format  
Pretty Flamingo  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller - Every night the lawn ornaments awake but tonight one of them is missing. The guardian of the lawn, Jock, reluctantly embarks on a journey across the seedy yard to discover betrayal, rape, and near death at the hands of a whirring metal monster as he searches for his missing charge.  11 pages - pdf, format  

P.P.L.F.   by Michael Cornetto - Short, Drama - How far will society go in order to “rehabilitate” the increasing prison population? And what will become of those who abuse their positions of authority?  - pdf, format  
The Junk Drawer  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Animated - The junk drawer has been a mess since Ring ar
A Very Manly Christmas  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Comedy - Christmas can teach us many lessons, if you want to learn them. But sometimes the most valuable lessons need to be taught by force. 6 page - pdf, format  
Goldenweenie And The Three Bears  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Animation, Comedy - Priapus comes from the Ancient Mount of Olympus to the Michigan woods, leaving a trail of aching orifices in his wake. 38 pages

Warning: This script is for mature audiences. It contains sexual and religious humour that might be offensive to sensitive parties. - pdf, format  
Don't Go In The Bathroom  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Horror - A brutally assaulted young woman believes her bathroom is haunted by the assailant she killed, but a social worker tries to convince her otherwise. 8 pages - pdf, format  

Wet Dream  by Michael Cornetto - Short - A man races against the clock to write a short screenplay with a cast of one for an internet screenwriting competiton.  6 pages - pdf, format  
The Flashback Effect  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Comedy - Director Cork and his elven crew try everything within budget to rescue the movie from the protagonist's sinister monologue. 6 pages - pdf, format  

Frlight  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Drama - Due to an urgent job offer in LA a New Yorker is forced to confront her fear of flying. She's in for a turbulent night. 7 pages - pdf, format  
He  by Michael Cornetto - Short, Drama - A romantic dinner for two turns sour when the contents of Angela’s plate of spaghetti winds up on Peter’s expensive white shirt.  Is it her revenge for Peter’s past indiscretions? Or is there another man in Angela’s life? Another man she doesn’t dare mention to anyone. 10 pages - pdf, format  

The River Is Her Home  by Michael Cornetto (mcornetto)  (OWC name - Sallah Telgar)  - Short, Thriller - When a man and his son fall under the spell of a mysterious, beautiful river dweller, they find love is a deadly game.   August '07 One Week Challenge entrant. - pdf, format  

Seepage  by Michael Cornetto - Horror - An earthquake rocks a small town in northern California.  The church explodes killing the pastor and green smoke is rising from holes in the ground, transforming people.  Can the town survive the trials caused by this mysterious seepage?      127 pages - pdf, format  
Demon Beach  by Michael Cornetto - Comedy, Black Comedy, Horror, Musical - Three filmmakers battle a demon that has accidentally been trapped inside their film.  107 pages. - pdf, format  
e-mail Reply: 50 - 74
Posted: March 27th, 2011, 1:24pm Report to Moderator
Old Timer

Oh Hi

San Diego, California
Posts Per Day

The Scorsese Club
(2011) Family Comedy - An outcast team of 7th grade filmmakers battle through wedgies, book reports, and bullies for a shot at winning the ultimate prize at an annual youth film festival. 105 pages


Addiction(2011) Comedy - An Internet period piece about --- the nation's social networking obsession - until a dorky teen stumbles over the webmaster's evil intentions. 40 pages


Splitzkrieg!(2011) Comedy - Two mischievous 13-year olds suspect their elderly new neighbor is a Nazi war criminal.  11 pages, micro budget.

Public Access 129 (2011) Comedy, Horror - A public access TV host is held hostage on the air by a psychotic prank caller.  17 pages, micro budget.

F*@& Donkey Kong(2011) - Comedy - Two college losers take a game of Mario Kart 64 a little too seriously.

Winner Takes All (2011) - Comedy - Two men with a checkered past decide to settle the score once and for all - with a game of Monopoly!  23 pages, micro budget.

The Lost Ghost (2011) Gothic horror - They say a dog is a man's best friend, but how far would someone go to be with their canine companion? 18 pages

Satan's Secret Surprise(2010) - Horror - A young possessed couple turns to sacrificial Satanism to rid themselves of their inner demons.  6 pages

...And I Take You(2011) Celtic Horror - Some people see Jesus.  A few people see Satan.  The rest see Her. 8 Pages

To Kill A Mockingboy(2006) Weird Comedy - The strange tale of a strange boy with a strange habit. 11 Pages

The Ass Spider(2010) - Horror - Yeah...don't read this one. 8 Pages

In a Hick Town (2006) - Comedy - Business bum Peter Morris is about to have the ride of his life when visiting his ham hugging hillbilly family in Rockland, Nebraska for a barbeque.  The perfect story for people who drink milk past its expiration date. 15 pages

Gravedigger(2005) - Drama - A disturbed funeral home worker is reunited with his high school bully--who has just died.  Now, with torturing memories returning to him, he must decide what to do with not only the body, but with himself.  10 pages, from the very first OWC

Cobb Hill Massacres(2005) Historical Drama, one of my earlier pieces - Kind of the "teaser" for the feature.

Festival of Fights(2005) Comedy - Religion is Hell.

Be excellent to each other

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greg  -  October 15th, 2011, 6:39pm
Private Message Reply: 51 - 74
Posted: March 27th, 2011, 3:16pm Report to Moderator
Guest User


Feature Length

Alien Liberation Front (A.L.F.) (SF Action/Thriller) - Alien abductions ruined their lives.  Now Dena, Mark and Kirk are on the run - and it'll take a rogue alien to save them.  92 pages.  

BitterSweet (Horror) - A historian mourning the death of her daughter leads a group to explore a once-flooded town - but finds that the ghosts of its murdered children have not yet been laid to rest. 105 pages.

Containment (Zombie Horror) - A band of teenagers find more than they bargained for when they break into an isolated storage facility.  95 pages.

Dead Cell (Thriller) - An overconfident doctor finds herself stranded on a train with a cell phone as her only lifeline - forced to choose between saving her daughter, or killing a stranger. 98 pages. (Cowritten with Dena McKinnon)

The Nigerian Job (Action/Parody) - Desperate for one last score, a down-and-out mercenary drags his team to the African continent.  Will the mission be the ultimate payoff - or the last mistake in a long list of failures?   A send up of the action/commando genre, spoofing films from the 80s and beyond....  92 pages.

Stream of Consciousness (SF/Drama) -  A breakthrough in technology makes telepathy possible.  But is Dr. Saul Aaron's invention a path into the world of the mind?  Or a glimpse into something far stranger?  90 pages.

Last Stop (Survival/Drama) - 7 strangers are trapped in a NYC subway car, following an accident that could be terrorist related.  They survived the crash - but will they survive each other? 95 pages.

Mekka World (Family Action/Adventure) - A family wins a vacation to a mysterious theme park run by robots, and owned by an eccentric billionnaire.  It seems like a once-in-a-lifetime least until the robots revolt. 100 pages.
A tent-pole adventure for children of all ages; with send ups to SF classics such as Westworld, Jurassic Park and Jumanji.

Territory - (Horror) A young girl volunteers for service in the Philippines, and finds herself embroiled in a world of sex, corruption and dark local legends...which may ultimately prove to be all too real. 97 pages.
Awards - 2013 QuarterFinalist in PAGE International and Screamcraft
                 2013 QuarterFinalist Austin Film Screenplay Awards

Transgate - (SF)  James Kelman has a unique job - alien linguist for the S.S. Asimov, isolated on the outskirts of Saturn.  As tensions build, Kelman and the crew face obstacles on all sides.   Can the crew of the Asimov find middle ground, before the situation explodes? 108 pages.

Vegging Out - (Dramedy) A college girl and her friends take a vow to go veggie - and quickly discover that the lifestyle is wilder--and more complicated--than it seemed at first glance. 108 pages



Availability May Be Limited (Comedy/Action) - When the latest video craze hits the shelves, two women find that limited supply - and unlimited demand - equal all-out war.  9 pages

Witch Hunt (Satire) - Magic and politics prove to be strange bedfellows in this sendup of economics, the McCarthy trials, and the current political atmosphere...  9 pages

Workout Buddies - (Comedy) Growth is good - right?  A satiric riff on the world of bodybuilding, growth hormone, and just general vanity.  16 pages


Asylum - (Horror) - A young man in the 1890s is sentenced to an Asylum for the crime of love.  Will he survive the loneliness and the brutality - or are worse things waiting, behind those walls?  Mental institutions make for strange bedfellows... 12 pages

Bean Nighe - (Horror) - In the Scottish Highlands, an old man finds himself face to face with a creature from legend - and a memory from the past which threatens to take away the last of what he still holds dear. 13 pages

Magick in the Machine (Horror) - A junkie, an aging witch and internet porn. What could possibly go wrong?

Papercut (Horror) - Hassled by school bullies, a strange little boy proves that the root of all evil ISN'T money... 8 pages

Resting Place (Supernatural Horror) A couple hide out at an abandoned farm, when their kidnapping plan goes horribly wrong. A 'haunting' tale of country justice... 7 pages

Stuck on You - (Horror) Have a nice day...if you can.   Proof that happy face buttons aren't always a good thing...  15 pages

The Economy Sucks (Horror/Drama) - To provide for his family, a cash strapped businessman makes a desperate deal.  Wall Street isn't the only blood sucker out there...  5 pages.

Territory - (Horror) Even killers should respect *certain* boundaries....  A glimpse into what happens when the Filipino sex industry and traditional mythos collide.  10 pages  (The short which inspired the feature length...)


Casualty of War - (Drama, Horror) - On a routine drug bust, Officer Janice Mitchell kills her first suspect.  A simple case of self-defense...but then she gets to know him.   An exploration into the political justification for the War on Drugs - with a supernatural twist.  23 pages

Ghosts of Christmas Past - (Horror-Drama) On a dark Christmas night, Brian finds regrets from his past have come back to haunt him.  A gothic drama that explores the emotions of regret, and familial responsibiliy.  12 pages

Science Fiction

Everything in Its Place (SF/Comedy) - An inventor plagued with OCD travels back in time to meet his hero. Will his irrational need for order ruin all his well laid plans? 10 pages.

Intelligent Design (SF/Satire) - Two scientists review the results of their latest project...and discuss the sacrifices needed to make it a success.  7 pages.

Lost in the Storm (Fantasy/SF/Drama) - Brought together by a missing children's convention, three strangers bond over shared grief and loss.  But when a storm traps them in their hotel for the night, one of them finds their ordeal far from over. 12 pages.

Stream of Consciousness (SF) - A breakthrough in technology makes telepathy possible.  But is Dr. Aaron's invention a path into the world of the mind?  Or is it a glimpse into something far stranger... ? 10 pages.  (The short that inspired the feature length...)

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Guest User

Hey- does anyone know the proper method to link one's sig to the specific post on this page?  I'm running out of room on my sig....
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Guest User

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Electric Dreamer
Posted: May 21st, 2011, 10:41am Report to Moderator
Old Timer

Taking a long vacation from the holidays.

Los Angeles
Posts Per Day

Clone Wife
- Romantic Comedy Fantasy. 105 pages. *OPTIONED*
A lonely scientist gets an unexpected second chance
at first love when he clones his estranged wife.

Zombie Playground
- Family Comedy Adventure. 92 pages.
Children trapped together must overcome their prejudices and battle junk food
guzzling video game obsessed mutant "zombies" that take over their playground.

Red Sun - Western Adventure. 101 pages.
A double crossed thief and a samurai out for revenge form an uneasy
alliance to recover a priceless stolen sword and a fortune in gold.


For Customers Only
- Comedy. 7 pages. September 2011 OWC.
A man and a clerk haggle over store policy.

West Side Markets
- Romance Fantasy. 13 pages.
A checkout girl falls in love with a boy from the wrong side of the parking lot.

Lie Detector
- Suspense Thriller. 9 pages. *SOLD*
A polygraph expert tests an evasive witness with a hidden agenda.

Widow's Walk
- Supernatural Suspense. 10 pages. October 2010 OWC.
A mother has one night to confront the demons of her past and save her son.

Thanks for taking a look at my work.



CineVita Films
is producing a short based on my new feature!

A list of my scripts can be found here.

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Electric Dreamer  -  September 6th, 2013, 9:31am
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Old Timer

Posts Per Day

Thistles  -  An introverted teacher tutors a gifted student in a violent urban neighborhood.  -  91 pgs.

But You Can Learn To Play  -  Visiting an indian reservation after a school shooting, a therapist finds an obscure book in a girl's collection written by his sister, who was kidnapped as a child.  -  103 pgs.


2911.21  -  A down-and-out squatter seeks refuge in an abandoned house.

Alphabet  -  On what is already one of the worst mornings of his life, a businessman suffers the harassment of a wired junkee in a mall parking lot.

Art's Tattoo Removal  -  A retired hit man takes a job from a past employer in his new profession.

Burnside  -  An elderly recovering alcoholic plans one last hurrah with a bottle of booze.

Corpus Christi  -  A homeless man and his mother beg the owner of a lonely motel for shelter from an approaching storm.

Cover  -  Tenses rise for an Arabic couple under investigation after arriving in America.

The Crux of It All  -  (A February, 2008 OWC)  -  An imprisoned man is given an extraordinary opportunity to bring retribution upon another inmate.

The Ephesian  -  A mourning father lobbies to visit a gangster on the eve of his execution.  In Production

A Few Will Find This Difficult  -  A young man cares for his comatose mother.

Fix  -  After a despicable act, a woman pours her thoughts into a notebook.

Ginger  -  Horror  -  A young family begins to question nature when their infant child begins sleepwalking.

The Glim Dropper  -  Dread sets in when a woman realizes she has lost her valuable engagement ring.

God's Empty Acre  -  Filmed as 'Girl(s)'  -  Click here to watch the film.  -  Won Best Film Award at the 2013 Winter Shorts Film Festival and Best Drama at the 2013 World Independent Film Expo

Meladori  -  Western  -  A perversely wounded woman scours the Southwest Territories in search of the notorious cheat who had coined her the nickname Inside-Out Meladori.

Pearl Dive  -  Tenses rise for a woman returning home for the birth of her nephew, the result of a rape.

Pond  -  A young woman about to inherit her family's plantation accompanies her father's men on an expedition to round up slaves to train and auction.

Shovel  -  Needing to earn some extra money, a young boy shovels almost every driveway in his neighborhood.   In Production

The Skinny Samaritan  -  After a local hero is let out of the hospital, a group of people at a nearby bus stop talk about the events that made him a legend in the area.

Solemn  -  A couple takes a weekend out of their lives to spend a day at the beach.

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rc1107  -  August 9th, 2013, 12:13am
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January Project Group

Posts Per Day
Okay, setting up camp here.  These are just a handful of my 60+ completed shorts.  All of my work is registered with WGAe and only available for production with written permission.  But I'm cheap and easy.  You can contact me at:

SHORTS listed on SS


1 Page - YARDWORK - When a writer can't take his wife's nagging anymore, his imagination gets the best of him.

5 Pages - Triggers - A woman visits a place from her childhood that triggers many old memories, some good, some bad.

6 Pages (Western-ish) - Private Property - A young man ends up on the run when he tries to protect his mother from a crazed land owner.

5 Pages - The Lake - A man relives some haunting memories when he visits a cabin where he spent his summers as a young man.

5 Pages - Letting Go -After a horrible accident, a young girl's mother has a very hard time letting go.

15 Pages - I Can See You - While delivering the mail, a joyless postal worker begins to see messages in the form of graffiti and eventually the seemingly harmless words take a dark turn.

8 Pages - A Woman Scorned - In an attempt to save his troubled marriage a vice cop requests for a transfer but gets pulled back in when a prostitute begins murdering her clients.

5 Pages -Getting to Know You - When a man and a women meet by chance and quickly find out they have a lot in common, the woman begins to question whether or not this is a good thing or maybe just creepy.

5 Pages – The Creation of Oz – (period piece 1865) – When a deadly tornado threatens his aunt’s farm, an imaginative boy entertains his family with a fantastical story while they ride out the storm in the cramped quarters of an underground shelter.

5 Pages – Triggers - A woman visits a place from her childhood that triggers many old memories, some good, some bad.

5 Pages - The Apple Story - (fantasy) An impoverished woman tells her son a bedtime story while her husband faces danger in order to get them food.

5 Pages - Time To Fly - Feeling trapped in her relationship, a girl with a flair for the dramatic finally pushes her easy going boyfriend too far.

6 Pages - Reflection - A troubled teen comes face to face with his demons when he spends the night in a post office basement.

6 Pages - Defenseless - Never take candy from strangers and never help your creepy landlord find a lost cat.

11 Pages - Through Eyes of the Innocent - Following the death of his father, a bitter man revisits some painful memories when he receives a mysterious painting as a gift.

6 Pages - Jessica's Window - Through an attic window, a little girl watches the people she loves leave her behind.

5 Pages - Ten Thousand Souls - In England’s darkest hour of the 1300’s, a Doctor comes face to face with Death himself and makes a deal to end the plague but at a costly price; he must present Death with ten thousand souls.

5 Pages - (pretty dark) - You Will Always be Mine -  A man finds an extreme way to deal with his wife's infidelity.


14 Pages - Harvest - When her family's annual hunting trip arrives, thirteen year old Lindsey hides in the woods in order to avoid going but soon realizes she may be in danger.

7 Pages - Witch of the Trees - A woman dies trying to save a forest but legend says her spirit remains.


6 Pages (Rom/Com) - The Mating Dance - While waiting for an airport shuttle, two socially awkward strangers unknowingly purchase similar books on how to attract the opposite sex then put the author’s advice to the test.

5 Pages - Honey Do - A woman confronts her lazy husband with a long list of things he's promised to do around the house. When he doesn't budge, she decides to do them herself.

5 Pages - Love Glow - A man agrees to six months of medical testing to make enough money so his girl will marry him, but at what price?

7 Pages - How to Talk to Women – When an old trunk is unearthed at his construction site, a lonely guy's life takes a turn for the better.

3 Pages - Waterfall - A couple's constant arguing during a marathon has dire consequences.

5 Pages - Freudian Slip -A college guy with a needy and possessive girlfriend gets a wakeup call from Sigmund Freud.

Simply Script's OWC's

February 2015 - Bitch's Revenge - While a man recovers from a car accident, it becomes apparent that he may have too many bitches. *runner up*

October 2014 - Nathan Green – When a woman struggling to deal with her recent separation buys a jacket from a thrift store, she inadvertently lets another bad man into her life.

April 2014 – To Catch a Predator – In the summer of 1979, citizens of Fair Haven, Massachusetts were worried about a rogue shark, but one unwelcome guest should have been more concerned with the boy determined to catch it. *selectee*

July 2013 - Unhooked - A boy discovers a miraculous substance that not only saves his family, but could possibly change the world.

October 2012 - Bad Juju - The owner of a dilapidated motel struggles to hide a dark secret when he allows some locals to seek refuge from an approaching hurricane.

February 2011 - Hazing At Dead Lake - An overpriveledged University student learns the hard way that there is no "I" in team when he gets stuck out on a haunted lake with two other teammates.

October 2009 - Frightfest Encounters - An alien obsessed ten year old attends the Monteville Fright Fest with his torturous teenaged brother and finds support from two unlikely sources.

August 2009 - Our Time Deserves A Love Song - An aging musician relives his first love when someone asks what inspired him to write a particular love song. *selectee*


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mmmarnie  -  March 19th, 2015, 10:14am
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Reef Dreamer
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Old Timer

Part time writer

The Island of Jersey
Posts Per Day

The Elevator Most Belonging To Alice

With the help of an unexpected friend, Alice finds a way to deal with her difficult situation.

Semi Finalist Bluecat
Runner Up - Nashville

[url=]Planes of Existence
- An eager student discovers an alternate reality whilst chasing the girl he fancies.
3 pages.
Rom Com - psychological  

Falling Angels-  A young girl is forced to deal with the death of her parents, a raging war and a clergyman that is not what he appears to be, all on the night of D day.
Gothic horror, supernatural. Two actors.

A Girl's Best Friend- An arrogant playboy seeks to impress his latest fancy by walking her dog, only to find out that a dog is not always man's best friend.
Comedy, 2/3 actors, various locations.

True Myth- When a secret military division - dedicated to eradicating urban myths - receives the power of psychic foresight, they are immediately challenged to avoid an impending disaster.
Comedy, 3-5 principal actors, 1/2 locations.

At The Junction When faced with a junction, life can offer several directions.
Drama, philosophical -  no dialogue

Inner Journey- An unconventional counsellor seeks to explain to a new client the meaning of her inner journey, only to discover he is uniquely placed to help her.
Drama, One location, two actors.
**Third Place Gimme Credit international Screenplay Competition**
** Finalist American Gem Literary Festival**
**Page awards Finalist**
**Bluecat semi finalist**

Alone A man takes his dog to a special beach, on a special day.
Drama. One page. One actor. PRODUCED

Twinkle Twinkle Deep in space a nerd and his trusty computer face a deadly foe - a power cut.
Comedy. One actor.

Prodigy- An old teacher, a gifted student and a dying wish.

Adequate- During a fatal car crash a humble man reflects on the important matters in his life. IN PRODUCTION

The Grieving Spell A grieving man seeks a special magic to relieve him of the pain he feels following the death of his wife. 13 pages. Supernatural drama/horror
***Winner - London Film Awards***
***Third - Honolulu Film Festival***

Shelter[/url] -

In a men's shelter a young man learns to speak but will the adults listen in time?

Special - A disturbed boy discovers the root of his illness during a pilgrimage to his fathers favourite waterfall

The Ultimate Weapon - A dying man from the future tries to persuade a skeptical doctor why he should fear the ultimate weapon.
***Top Six Finalist - Fresh Voices***
***Quarter Finalist - Shore Scripts***

Shark Dreaming - An ageing fisherman is tormented by his dreams following the sudden death of his partner.

The Price  A desperate woman struggles with the price of the thing she wants most - her dead son brought back to life. OWC Oct 2014

Know Thyself -


Pagan man

For direct contact email

All the best.


My scripts  HERE

The Elevator Most Belonging To Alice - Semi Final Bluecat, Runner Up Nashville
Inner Journey - Page Awards Finalist - Bluecat semi final
Grieving Spell - winner - London Film Awards.  Third - Honolulu
Ultimate Weapon - Fresh Voices - second place
IMDb link...

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Reef Dreamer  -  July 13th, 2018, 4:28pm
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Dog Eat Dog

Utopia DownUnder
Posts Per Day
Added some of my work links below... ENJOY...

"Birthday Surprise" (5 pg) When Ernie turned 80, a quiet family get together was anticipated, nothing ever turns out as expected though.

"Night Games" (11 pg) A fun game turns out to be more than university student Billy bargained for.

"The Big Race" (4 pg) A race where the stakes are high with a one in a million change of winning and a good chance of dying.

"Bank Statement" (5 pg)  Just how far will a bank go to get your business?

"We Won Lotto, Or Did We?" (Based on a true story)(8 pg) This is a true story based on the bizarre events that took place on the night of the Lotto draw. Could this family become millionaires or was it just their fate.

"Serial Killer" (2 pg) A serial killer wanders through an unlocked door to take out his evil revenge on an unsuspecting victim in an ending that you will never forget.

"Property Tycoon" (9 pg) Is a lighthearted story of Scott, a homeless person who lives in a tin shed and moves across the spectrum and becomes a home owner and a business man (with a twist) in an exclusive suburb overnight.

Please feel free to have a read and comment or PM me.


CLICK HERE: Please comment or PM me.

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