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  Author    The May, 2021 Challenge 3, Who Wrote What...  (currently 96 views)
Posted: June 5th, 2021, 7:29pm Report to Moderator

The Great Southern Land
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Round 3 - Who Wrote What

In random order:

The Darkest Hour by Rene Claveau (ReneC) writing as L. C. F. - A desperate man discovers there is always more to lose when he learns of a terrible cycle that seems doomed to repeat itself. - Short, Horror

Sister-Hood by David C Lambertson (eldave1) writing as No Name - Sometimes family reunification can turn out wrong. - Short, Drama

Past and Future Tense by Joe Garza (SPQR) writing as Si Morley - A detective's case sends him back in time. - Short, Sci Fi

Disorder by John Staats (JEStaats) writing as Alice - An elderly Marine talks about the worst thing he's ever seen. - Short, Horror, War

Reaching by Paul Knauer (PKCardinal) writing as Winston - A young soldier fights to overcome a previous traumatic experience. - Short, Thriller

Jagged Little Pill by Marnie Mitchell (mmmarnie) writing as Shmoop A Loop - A troubled mother faces the consequences of her battle with post partum depression. - Short, Drama

Hollywood is Dead by R5e (Gum) writing as Those Dirty Little Rabbits - Misfortunate times for a rebellious fool when he competes for a running title amongst the Hollywood Crème de la crème, only to find himself walking along the boulevard of broken dreams… and bones. - Short, Dramedy

North of the Cenotaph by Lonnie Lapierre (LonnieLapierre) writing as Léo Major - A WW2 Vet revisits his former life and time in the war. - Short, Drama, War

Billy's Choice by Frank MacCrory (FrankM) writing as Fork in the Road - A Japanese man's life might have turned out very differently. - Short, Drama

Fun Guy by Mark Renshaw (markrenshaw) writing as Fungas McFungi - A research laboratory assistant who uses humour to mask a lifetime of abuse and pain snaps and decides to kickstart the zombie apocalypse. - Short, Horror

Shuan by Owen Herity (Geezis) writing as Humpetty Dumpetty - A man lying in the sand faces the biggest challenge of his life. - Short, Drama

Reprisal by Christopher Brown (Cacutshaw) writing as Mr. Kusturica - A small time drug dealer is given the chance to move up the ranks. But will he be able to do what is asked of him? - Short, Crime

Misread by Matthew Taylor (Matthew Taylor) writing as nottuB nimajneB - A struggling couple seek help for their communication issues, but is it enough? - Short, Drama, Tragedy

A Crowbar To The Skull by Rob Herzog (Rob) writing as A Reservoir Dog - A man’s path leads to off-the-charts aggression and peril. - Short, Horror

The Boundary by Steve Miles (stevemiles) writing as Cabeza De Vaca - A party of Spanish explorers journey into an unknown land in search of riches only to find themselves lost in an ocean of tallgrass with an unseen terror stalking their every move. - Short, Horror

Grave Men by Yuvraj Rajwanshi (Yuvraj) writing as No Noyce - A dilemma in a man's personal life makes for an opportunity for a dangerous group of people. - Short, Drama

Feeling Vilified by Zack Akers (Zack) writing as Sex Machine - A police detective interviews the traumatized survivor of a violent, sexual assault: a 7-year-old boy. - Short, Drama, Crime

Perspectives by Anthony Cawood (AnthonyCawood) writing as EMB - The embers of despair prompt a desperate woman to action. - Short, Drama

Bastard Saint by Michael J Kospiah (spesh2k) writing as Father Christmas - A mall Santa revisits his ugly past after a child asks for one wish: for Santa to kill his abusive father. - Short, Horror

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