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  Author    Scripts You Have Posted On SimplyScripts  (currently 160352 views)
Posted: October 31st, 2006, 6:28pm Report to Moderator

Melbourne, Australia
Posts Per Day


TAKE/OVER currently writing

Produced Films



Short Comedy 11 pages

The Break-Up Chronicles

Short Comedy/Drama 20 pages

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Posted: December 19th, 2006, 9:55pm Report to Moderator
Guest User

My Screenplays

1. The Booker Man (2006) - Comedy/Drama

Chris Booker is the ultimate ladies man.  A senior at New York College, Chris can get any woman he wants, anytime he wants.  He is content with a lifestyle of promiscuity and casual sex, but when certain things happen that don't go in his favor, "The Booker Man" reflects back on his actions and wonders if this is the life he really wants to live.  120 pages

2. Devil May Cry (2006) - Action/Sci-Fi/Adventure

Long ago, when Demons and Humans cohabitated on Earth together, a great stuggle broke out between the two.  One Demon Knight, Sparda, turned on his own and sent the Demons back to the Underworld.  Two thousand years later, Sparda's twin sons, born from a human mother, will need to fight the Demons once again and decide if the Humans are truly worth saving.   114 pages

3. Slaughter (2006) - Horror

In 1996, a reclusive butcher is wrongfully accused of killing a young woman in a small town in Pennsylvania.  He is lynched in the slaughterhouse that he works at and is left for dead.  The local urban legend states that ever since that day, anyone who enters the slaughterhouse is doomed.  Ten years later, a group of college students will look to to see if that urban legend is actually true for a school project.  92 pages

4. Quake (2006) - Sci Fi/ Action/ Thriller

Based on the hit computer game.  In the near future, an intergalactic race of ruthless alien beings known as the Stroggs invades Earth and kills millions.  This starts the beginning of an all out war between the two civilizations of Earth and Stroggos.  Twenty years later, an elite team will be sent into the heart of Stroggos to find a way to end the Strogg threat once and for all.  106 pages

5. Mercenary: Soldier of Fortune (2005) - Action

A Canadian born soldier who has moved to America and become a mercenary for hire, is sent on an assassin mission. However in Canada, a revolution is brewing against the United States. Jason at first could care less about a war, because that would mean more work for him. But when the terrorist faction takes away the one thing he does care about, Jason embroils himself fully against the faction.  110 pages

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guyjackson  -  December 22nd, 2006, 11:54pm
e-mail Reply: 16 - 74
Posted: February 13th, 2007, 6:23am Report to Moderator
Old Timer

Posts Per Day

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chism  -  February 26th, 2008, 6:50am
Private Message Reply: 17 - 74
Posted: April 22nd, 2007, 11:10am Report to Moderator

Los Angeles
Posts Per Day
Slayer's Club (Written when i was 12; horrible)
Frantic (Horror)
Movie Days (Series)
8 x 10 (Horror)
Spoiled (Short)

Scarefest 2 presents: Home Malone - Short/Horror
Spoiled - OWC Horror/Milk Exercise
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Site Private Message AIM YIM Reply: 18 - 74
Posted: June 22nd, 2007, 1:23pm Report to Moderator
Old Timer

Better to die with vodka than with tedium!

Posts Per Day
My updated list is here with my 52th shorts!



2. The soldier, the child and the dog

3. My dear Loo

4. Criminal Mind (Vine leaf) (with Si Dunn)

5. Gardenia's Perfume

6. Buck's Burger

7. Moms in the zoo

8. Diabolical Fishing (The Trunk)

9. Hell the last station

10. The news

11. Jesus last moments

12. Hello, Mr Einstein

13. Stormville I

14. Stormville II

15. What a day!

16. Flowers to Lisa Mansel

17. The Fish Bowl (with Spencer McDonald)

18. Unity of Opposites (with Kevan Craft)

19. Meanwhile, in a kingdom, far, far, away

20. Why is everyone always shooting at me?

21. The man that killed Bambi

22. Charlotte and the Camel's Toe (with Kevan Kraft)

23. Still and Smiling

24. The Toothless Dog

25. Happiness Road

26. Back to Shawshank

27. A Certain Sunday Morning

28. Things of Life

29.  At the end of a family barbecue

30. We love you, nuts!

31. Stereotypes

32. The award goes to...

33. General Incredulity

34. The Cab's Tales - She screwed him up

35. Save The Tanuguins

36. Milkman's Will

37. The Milk's Killer

38. Gunslinger

39. The Cab's Tales - Speak Slowly, please!

40. Xmas Tales - A Lone Hand

41. Hunting

42. That's The Girls

43. Chao and the Democratic Party

44. The Cab's Tales - The Heart in the Right Place

45. Once Upon a Time in a School

46. Cielito Lindo (with Daniel J. Toemta)

47. A Bombastic Party on the Sea (with Pat Fitzgerald)

48. Kowabunga!

49. Very, Very Lost

50. Justin and his Mom

51. Beloved Phil

52. Pumpkins Disappearance


The daily life of a dead man (Comedy/Drama)

[edit by don]: for a list of scripts by Helio, click there ->

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Helio  -  November 16th, 2007, 2:31pm
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Private Message Reply: 19 - 74
Posted: August 10th, 2007, 1:33pm Report to Moderator
Old Timer

My UZI Weighs A Ton

Northern Hemisphere
Posts Per Day

Sic Semper Tyrannis (short / drama) (2007 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Semi-Finalist)
Though based on actual events, this story is more or less fictional. It portrays the few remaining minutes of a young man's life as he is readied for execution by lethal injection. The families of his victims hope for closure while his family seek answers to the question...why? (28 pages)

A Simple Discussion About Time Travel (short / comedy) Produced
Four friends enjoy a night of poker. That is until the conversation turns to Time Travel and who John Connor's original father was. (10 pages)

H.A.N.D.S. (short / comedy)
A doctor gets fired.  Here's why. (10 pages)

The Second Draft (short / comedy'ish) Produced (2008 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Finalist)
When words come to life, not everything is what it seems. (14 pages)

Double Carnage w/Zack Akers (shorts / horror)
Evil Shall Make Every Knee Bow -- Three bank robbers on the run come face to face with one man's thirst for revenge.  Two families on vacation stop for a bite to eat at the wrong town. Two shorts: Twice the horror - Twice the carnage. (71 pages)

Premonitions (short / horror)
A clairvoyant woman, battling inner demons,  take matters into her own hands to save a fellow woman from a brutal slaying. However, her prescient powers forgot to tell her that every destiny has its victims. (16 pages)

Cotton And Corn (short / Comedy)
Two PIs on a stakeout learn the hard way that what goes around, comes around. (18 pages)

The Curious Case Against Sean Elwood (Long short / Comedy)
In the land of Simply Scripts, Sean Elwood is about to have a very bad day. (45 pages)

The Total Awesomeness of Cars That Fucking Rock (Short / Spoof)
Hummer is coming out with a new, well, Hummer - The Hummer X. Buy it to save America. (10 pages)


Escape From The Killing Fields (Action / Thriller)
Five years ago, Matt Shepard was touted as the next Stephen King - a man with a future. Now, after a severe attack of writer's block, he is broke, divorced and on the losing end of a custody battle. In a moment of desperation he visits his local bank - carrying a gun. Only problem is, he's not the only one. And neither are they...(97 pages)

The Thing (Sci-Fi / Horror)
For millions of years, it has laid waiting in the ice...until now. (94 pages)

Deliverance (Thriller)
Four friends out on a nice relaxing weekend by the river - think again. (107 pages)

The Bay (Horror / Action)
In a world ravaged by the walking dead, the safest place for man is among the most dangerous men on the planet - Pelican Bay State Prison. (121 pages)

Daemon (Horror / Supernatural)
A group of friends embark on a camping trip, but what should have been a weekend of partying gets turned into a fight for life and death as they come face to face with an unearthed evil - starving for revenge. (93 pages)

Purgatory (Horror / Drama)
After a halted execution, prison guards, inmates and a civilian - each with their own agenda - must team up against a horde of infected flesh eaters in order to make it out of prison alive. (103 pages)

Down in the hole / Jesus tries to crack a smile / Beneath another shovel load

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sniper  -  August 26th, 2010, 7:51am
Private Message Reply: 20 - 74
Posted: September 4th, 2007, 10:23pm Report to Moderator

Posts Per Day
Let's see,  here are the highlights, not counting the novels and short stories that got very nice rejection letters:

Danger Man - Action Comedy.  Anybody know how to convert from Scriptware?
The Problem Solver - Comedy.  Got the nicest rejection letter for that one, but ddn't get far in the initial Project Greenlight run.

The Cheat - Dramedy - Short Play - semi-finalist in the Strawberry festival

The Houseboy - Comedy - Short Play - Curtain goes up in November

Dead In a Box - Short, might be re-written

HouseBoy - The Time We Were on Trial - Now submitted in the comedy section with the intention to submit to the Fringe

Houseboy - The Series - 10 episodes and counting.  After 11, will copyright and then post.  Already has one fan, so I must be doing something right.

It's the trial of the minute

Houseboy - The Time We Were on Trial

Now available:  Houseboy: The Series
The girls of Sigma Kappa Pi have a secret...
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Private Message Reply: 21 - 74
Posted: September 21st, 2007, 7:56am Report to Moderator
Old Timer

The bleak North East, England
Posts Per Day
Here's a list of my scripts.  I have many more that I'm working on but aren't quite ready to be posted.

My Short Scripts:

A trip to Zoo (short comedy)  All Pete wants to do is buy some train tickets and win his bet. How hard can it be?  Well it depends on the rules. 15 pages

The Big Stiff (short comedy)  A family funeral brings up some interesting questions and some unwanted home truths. 25 pages

Click Click (short comedy)  Two photographers on a safari shoot.  It should be the job of a lifetime. 3 pages

Withdrawl (short drama)  In need of money, a desperate families last hope lies with the bank. 4 pages

The Phishing Phool (OWC entry)  Detective Inspector Taylor and Detective Norris are no nearer solving the case of the missing children, or are they? 12 pages

An Original Idea (OWC entry)  Tommy and John have a meaningful discussion about horror films and...other things. 12 pages  Produced

Santa's List (short comedy)  Not everyone gets what they want for Christmas. 16 pages

My Fifteen Minutes (short drama) Edward's big day has arrived, can he finally become famous? 4 pages  Produced

The Race (short comedy) Preperation is everything in the quest to win the greatest race. 4 pages

The Playing Fields (short drama) The youth of today forget what the youth of yesterday did for them. 12 pages

Addiction (short drama/horror) His addiction has taken control, he has lost his job and now, Vincent risks losing his family too. 11 pages

Fight (short comedy) The workplace can be a dangerous place, especially when you're forced in to a contest against the reigning champion. 5 pages Produced

Preposterous (Short, Sci Fi - Prometheus Spoof) A team of clueless explorers think they've discovered the origins of man and so travel on the ship 'Preposterous' to see if they're right. 28 quick pages

Man Watcher (short, drama)
A man wakes to find a stranger in the room.  Who is he and what does he want? (2 actors, 1 location). 8 pages

The Honey Trap (short, comedy) It's make or break in a couples relationship. Will it survive the ultimate test? 5 pages

Wee Willie Winkie (short, thriller) Based on the nursery rhyme. 3 pages

Under the Influence (short, horror) Waking with a hangover, a man must try to remember the previous night to help understand his current situation. 6 pages

The Surprising Adventures of the Super splendid Four (short, comedy) The Comic Strip Presents...Four friends reunite for the holidays and get embroiled in an adventure to prevent a madman taking over the world. 21 pages

The Gateway Experiment (short, horror) A team of scientist have a theory but it requires a controversial experiment.  One man decides to be the guinea pig they need. 17 pages (Based on the Creepypasta 'Gateway of the mind')

Meat Pies (scarefest season 1)  With their exams looming, Gav, Russ and Mozza take a weekend break away in the English countryside.  Unfortunately they order far more than they can eat.  16 pages

The Chocolatier (scarefest season 2) The London streets are been stalked by the blade of a Serial Killer but Jacob Stiles has more pressing issues...his wife's adultery. 20 pages

My Feature Scripts:

Blood Poison (feature horror)  In the year 1488, the Ottoman Empire was in the midst of a conquest that spread across Eastern Europe.  One band of soldiers though was to unleash an enemy not even they could conquer.  Now, two brothers seek revenge against a creature banished from the heavens, in a land consumed by a deathly poison. 97 pages

Pub Lunch (feature comedy/horror) Three trainee chefs decide they need a break before their upcoming exams, but is the English countryside the best place, and have they ordered more than they can eat? 99 pages

A Dead Good Idea (feature comedy/drama) When money's tight, a young man will do anything for cash, even if it means digging up things he shouldn't. 98 pages

Life, Death, Lager and Lies (feature dramady) A family funeral brings up memories that some didn't know, and others would rather forget. 92 pages

Check out my scripts...if you want to, no pressure.

You can find my scripts here

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alffy  -  May 1st, 2017, 7:36am
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Posted: January 3rd, 2008, 7:34am Report to Moderator

I'm back :)

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Posts Per Day


The Novice priest-Comedy/Drama- Feature

Sinful Play-Drama- feature

Edward's Return-period- feature

Transmuters-sci-fi- feature


The Sacred Heart -Short - drama/fantasy in production OZ

The Greedy Tooth Fairy -Short - animee/fantasy -in production US

The Greedy Tooth Fairy -Short - long version- anime/fantasyin production OZ

The Rose Bud -Short - drama

Zigwart-Short-short  comedy/fantasy

Enough is Enough -OWC- Short

The Brown Leather Pouch - Short - Drama

T'was Christmas Eve - Short - Drama/period

The Grim-Reaperess - Short - fantasy/comedy

Alienated - short - fantasy

Other Shorts and Features available, not yet on SS.
Cloniens.. Sci-fi - feature
Halloween..drama - short
What is wealth? .. drama/comedy - short

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elis  -  November 13th, 2008, 12:16am
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Site Private Message Reply: 23 - 74
Posted: February 25th, 2008, 7:12pm Report to Moderator
January Project Group

Feelin' cute.

Erlanger, KY
Posts Per Day
My scripts are-

The Drifter- (Short, Horror, Scarefest entry)- On a stormy night a motel gets a few visitors, one of which is a blood thirsty psychopath.

Black Or White- (Short, Horror)- A racial conflict turns into murder.

The Cure- (Short, Drama)- Addiction. Depression. Cancer. You name it, he can cure it.

Red Snow- (Short, Horror)- A man being chased through the woods has a dark, deadly secret.

Friday The 13th- (Horror)- A group of camp counselors are stalked by a local urban legend.

Evil- (Short, Horror)- A group of bank robbers are captured by a grief stricken old man.

The Night He Snapped- (Short, Horror)- Charlie has lost everything. His job. His wife. When his daughter leaves as well, Charlie snaps.

The Plan- (Short, Drama)- Have you ever wandered what goes through the mind of a man moments before he commits murder?

The Plan: Revisited- (Short, Horror)- A dark and violent remake of 'The Plan'.

20 Miles Till Death- (Short, Horror)- A couple traveling a back road are stalked by a crazy cop.- Currently Rewriting

A Sacrifice Too Pass- (Short, Horror)- A teacher uses torture to motivate his students to pass.

The End Of Suffering- (Short, Horror)- A group of survivors decide life is no longer worth living.

Directors Cut- (Short, Horror)- A group of film makers shooting a low budget horror film are stalked by an unknown person.

Directors Cut: Take Two- (Short, Horror)- Another group of film makers, another vicious psychopath.

Dirty Business- (Short, Action)- He appears. People die. He disappears.

Dirty Business 2- (Short, Action)- Money. Your life. He'll take the money.

Jump- A young boy attempts the impossible for a chance at a pack of cigarettes.

Little Old Joe- (Short, Thriller, OWC entry)- When Eli wakes up in an old house boat, he confronts the boats owner (Joe) hoping to learn where he is and why he's there. However, lttle old Joe knows more than he's saying.

Feel free to read and reply on whatever you want.

Private Message Reply: 24 - 74
Posted: February 26th, 2008, 11:36am Report to Moderator

North Carolina USA
Posts Per Day
FERAL (horror) - Probably the best angry bigfoot script you'll ever read! Fast, furious, exciting and bloody! Written originally in 1978 (eek!) then rewritten radically in the late 90's and marketed to varying degrees of success. During it's two year option in LaLaLand, it had the...honor...of being rewritten into a rip roaring redneck comedy with aliens, by the writer of Lifetime TV's Butterbox Babies! Thus endeth the option   Of course that is not the version posted here. But this one is a fun action/horror tale.

THECLEAN UP CREW (horror) Action! Horror! Comedy! Loads o' action! This was the script that prompted a Trigger Street review to say " the writer paints with action much as Thomas Kinkade paints with light", so then I had to go find out who Thomas Kinkade is. Guess it's a compliment.

THE MOUNTAIN KING (thriller) a modern day noir thriller. Violence, action, sex, double crosses, stun guns, hammers slammed into knees, catfights, what the heck else do ya need?  I'd jokingly referred to it as "Lorenzo Lamas in Chinatown"...when it struck me that ain't a bad idea  

COLD CHILL ( horror) a chilling ghost story, or a ghost story you can read as you chill. Either way, just read it. My first professional sale, currently in perpetual preproduction. The current production draft has very little in common with this one posted. Readers here say : " I don't like ghost stories that make me feel".  Oops. Yes, I do go for some touchy-feely in this one, but also throw in rotting bodies, faces getting ripped apart, and a few 'lil Lovecraft references.  When my first draft was completed, the co-producer said " Oh hell not Lovecraft references, I hate that, it's so cheesy, I HATE scripts that try to put in all that crappy stuff". Shortly thereafter they added a scene to their draft of a dude's head getting knocked off by a basketball. Go figure.

THE DARK WALKER (horror) another Lovecraft tinged horror entry. A neat little script orignally written on commission for an indie producer. It was shopped around but never sold. Two years later, hey I spot a cheapo direct to DVD feature guessed it...Dark Walker. P*ssed off, in the end there's little I can do so I change subsequent drafts to The Skin Walker. Then here comes a low budget horror movie last year called...say it with me...Skinwalkers. Dayyy-Em!!!! So I've changed the title BACK to the original.

CHARNEL HOUSE ( horror) Written as an exercise for me, after a few years of not writing, trying to get back in the swing of things. Mythological horror, based on Native American Indian myths, a bit of Lovecraft, etc. Written very very fast. Think it reads pretty decent, but then again aside from me, has only gotten one read, but I'm paitent.

TRICKS ( horror -short feature) - my first short. It does seem shorts are the way to get noticed here and I may have done a disservice to myself by going the features route, so this is my first short script in maybe 20 years.

13 feature scripts, 2 short subjects. One sale, 4 options. Nothing filmed. Damn.

Currently rewriting another writer's SciFi script for an indie producer in L.A.

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mikep  -  May 29th, 2008, 9:51am
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Private Message YIM Reply: 25 - 74
Posted: March 11th, 2008, 2:05pm Report to Moderator
Been Around

I should be writing...

Beautiful BC
Posts Per Day
Updated list:


Rest In Peace -  Kyle Hunter is about to come face to face with a memory that he hasn't quite shaken since High School.

In Only Seven Days - It has taken Thomas and Kasia years to find love, now they have seven days to live the rest of their lives together.

Looking Down From Above - Atleast once in every lifetime a hard choice is made. Whether it is the right one, is up to you...


Hope Falls - An ex-con must save a small town from invading alien parasites while battling corrupt cops out to avenge their brother’s death.

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Private Message Reply: 26 - 74
Posted: April 29th, 2008, 7:55am Report to Moderator

Posts Per Day
My Scripts

Short> The Choices
Short> The A Long Night

Are we cool - Yeah were cool!
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Private Message Reply: 27 - 74
Posted: May 5th, 2008, 8:57am Report to Moderator
Been Around

Newcastle, England
Posts Per Day

Site Private Message Reply: 28 - 74
Posted: August 10th, 2008, 4:03pm Report to Moderator

Posts Per Day
I have a few shorts on here...but here are a few i can muster up at the moment.

GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY Short - A local visit to the SnM bondage doctor is all a guy really needs.

NO PLACE LIKE HOME Short - A gay man struggles with his confidence and sense of self in the world, especially at the scene of his high school reunion.

THE BALLAD OF UNCLE SAM: AN ANARCHISTS MELODY Short - Grown weary to the established order of society, a man introduces a motivating idea of his very own in perilous ways. - pdf, format

A VIRGIN STATE OF MIND Short - Rory becomes a pawn to an older male's sexual crusade -yet becomes a catalyst of change in this man's life as she�s faced with an unplanned pregnancy. 19 pages

TOY SOLDIER  Short - The world is one interlocked machine, throbbing and pulsing with the same beat. 7 pages

NEW MOON RISING Short - A fraternity bash slowly leads off the course for the destruction of the world.

THIS MODERN LOVE Short - Bewitched by his presence, bothered for his body, and bewildered in his grasp; the perfect girl was made to love him. But was that enough? 5 pages

YUNO Short- She's just your friendly neighborhood Asian. Only with a bombshell up her sleeve…

Good Golly Miss Molly
No Place Like Home
New Moon Rising
The Ballad of Uncle Sam: An Anarchists Melody
Toy Soldier
This Modern Love
A Virgin State of Mind


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BryMo  -  March 1st, 2009, 1:00pm
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